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Achoo Bwooit! CD cover

Track Listing

  • My Green Hat
  • Shanghai Sanitation Worker
  • Unto the Breach
  • Chunyun (春运)
  • There Goes My Head
  • I'm Going to McDonalds
  • All the T&A in China
  • Stupid Birthday Party
  • I've Got a Hundred Dollars
  • I Don't Want to Die Alone
  • Achoo Bwooit/My Windows Need Cleaning
  • National Sewer

Achoo Bwooit!

These songs were written over a period of four years, mainly culled from participation in both FAWM and 50 Songs in 90 Days! challenges. They were recorded using a Jay Turser JT-134 guitar, POD, and Janglebox. I wanted a really chiming jangle sound for this one--but not so much so that it sounds like a Byrds imitation.

Several of the songs had China related themes to them--most likely due to several trips I took in recent years, with Chunyun being the most explicit. It deals with the mass migration that takes place over the "Golden Weeks" when millions of migrant workers working in the cities travel back to their families.

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Alternate Versions/Tracks

My Green Hat is based on a Chinese insult. I don't know why, but if you wear a green hat, it signifies that your wife is cheating on you. These tracks show the progression of My Green Hat as it takes its final form in Achoo Bwooit!

2001 - 2007


Odds and Ends Demos

Throughout the years we recorded a lot of crap. Some of it is interesting, some of it is stupid, and a lot of it is just plain awful. Many of these songs appeared in Current News, but we thought it would be nice to collect them all in one place.

We did a lot of songs written by people from the Rec.Music.Makers.Songwriting Usenet group. These were written by David F. Cox.

This one was written by Bill Chin.

Can't remember the name of the guy who wrote this one. Some guy posted asking for someone to put music to it, so we obliged.

These are songs based on poems by Christina Rossetti.

These are experiments with Chinese lyrics. The Chinese is so bad it is doubtful that any Chinese person can understand them.

And finally, these are songs that really didn't fit anywhere. Some of them were left off of CDs because they didn't fit. Some of these were knocked out for a specific project (like Nanowrimo). Some of these are pretty old.


I live in Losertown CD cover

Track Listing

  • This Land, Our Land
  • Vincent Chin
  • Lonely Street
  • Day of the Locusts
  • Halfway to the Grave
  • Never Believed
  • Uphill
  • Dick Cheney Greets the World

I Live in Losertown

I oversleep again. I drag myself out of bed and hit the shower. I get dressed, not noticing my socks don't match. On my way to work, I listen to Kathleen Edwards in the car. My thoughts wander. I almost miss my exit--again.

I arrive at work and go inside. When I enter the office, I hurry to my cubicle, but I know everyone notices that I'm late again. I avoid looking at anyone's eyes.

I sit down and turn on my computer. I'm tired. I think about lunch already. I think I'll have a Big Mac. I listen to the Wallflowers and Tom Petty while I work.

Five o'clock finally comes and I'm already halfway down the steps. My chair is probably still spinning as I pull out of the parking lot. I listen to Paul Westerberg on my way home. This is my life. I live in losertown. Where do YOU live?

Listen to previews and buy the CD at CDBaby! Okay, now you can go have some ice cream.

Alternate Versions/Tracks

Other Goodies


Six Feet Under CD cover

Track Listing

  • Fallen Trees
  • My Porcelain Friend
  • Mind The Gap
  • London Girl
  • The Swimmer
  • As Good As It Gets
  • Say Goodbye
  • It's Not Hard
  • If I Was Your Chair
  • Justine
  • You Smell Like Mexican Food
  • Don't Wait Too Long
  • My Key Buddy

Six Feet Under

Honest to goodness buttclenching sloppy guitar playing and Peter Brady voice-cracking. Listen to these thirteen songs from Six Feet Under, and you'll find your toe suddenly tapping, your flabs of fat spontaneously jiggling, and your various sagging body appendages swaying.

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Alternate Versions/Tracks

Other Goodies


Palookaville CD cover

Track Listing

  • Amanda Gets Up
  • Seven of Nine
  • Won't Be Sad
  • My Wife is a Slut
  • The Last Time
  • Won't Be Sad (Chipmunk remix)


The first CD released by Anomie Train in 2000 on the now defunct MP3.com--it went absolutely nowhere, mainly because it was the worse piece of crap in the history of music. It probably single-handedly brought down MP3.com--it was that amazingly putrid. May God forgive us for what we have wrought!

Alternate Versions/Tracks