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Achoo Bwooit Now Available on CDBaby!

Four years in the making, the newest release by Anomie Train, Achoo Bwooit!--now with extra jangle--is available (by digital download only) from a bazillion online stores, most of which you've never heard of but all of which pretty much offer the exact same thing! Hooray! But CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon.com are our favorites.

Anomie Train is fronted by the many personalities of Steven Mon. One day he's Steven, the next day he might be Steve, and the day after that he may be the mysteriously stupid persona known only as s.mon. But whoever he is at the moment, he provides vocals, guitars, and bass for Anomie Train. Drums by Drums on Demand.

The twelve tracks on Achoo Bwooit! chime with the magic brilliance of a drunken Tom Petty fighting with Jakob Dylan over an old french fry in the parking lot of McDonalds somewhere in the middle of America.

Be sure to also check out Anomie Train's previous CD releases, Six Feet Under and I Live in Losertown, available from CDBaby!

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