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Trader Joe's Pizza 4 Formaggi

Trader Joe's Pizza 4 Formaggi

I remember an episode of Still Standing where the little girl thought her father brought home pizza for dinner, and she says, "Yay, pizza!" When her father tells her that he didn't bring home any pizza, she responds, "Yay, frozen pizza!"

I think that most everyone feels that way about frozen pizza. It may not taste like pizzeria pizza (despite what the those ads claim by a certain brand), it still usually tastes fairly good in its own right. I prefer to think of them as tomato-y cheesy bread pies.

Trader Joe's carries their own brand that is "handmade-cooked in a woodburning oven" and imported from Italy. I'm not sure who makes it for them, but I think they supply many other grocery chains as well since I've seen other "handmade and imported from Italy" frozen pizzas under different names, but they look the same.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size   1/3 pizza
Calories    350Calories from fat    130
Total fat    14g
    Saturated Fat 5g
Cholesterol     15mg
Sodium    890mg
Total Carbohydrate    42g
    Dietary Fiber 3g
   Sugars 6g
Protein    15g

Because I've always felt before that frozen pizzas never really tasted like real pizza, I always tried to buy the ones that provide the most bang for the buck in terms of weight. So I'd end up buying something on sale that weighed like 30 oz. My thinking has since changed since my eating philosophy is now to eat smaller but more often. I like the Pizza 4 Formaggi pies because at 13.4 oz, you can actually eat the whole thing without blowing up your calorie limit for the day. Let's say you have oatmeal and milk for breakfast (210 calories), vegetable soup for lunch (120 calories), a granola bar for a snack (120 calories), eat the whole pizza for dinner (1050 calories), then an apple for an after dinner snack (100 calories). That comes in at 1600 calories for the whole day, and still leaves you with a lot of wiggle room. You have to be careful about the sodium though.

As for the taste, I think it comes the closest to pizzeria pizza of all the frozen pizzas I've tried. It's a little dry in spots, which you'll get with all frozen pizzas. I like to drizzle a little olive oil on top to hold in the moisture before I put it in the oven. The cheese is decent, and the pizza sauce is flavorful and a little sweet, which is how I like pizza sauce. The crust is very nice and is what makes this frozen pizza resemble pizzeria pizza. Other frozen pizzas tend to have crust that is more like sandwich bread, or even like buttery pastry bread. Be careful not to cook it took long however, or the crust will become like a cracker.

The price is only $3.99. I don't know how they can hand make it and import it from Italy at that price. I know it's only 13.4 oz, but still...

So there you have it--I think the Trader Joe's Pizza 4 Formaggi is the best tasting frozen pizza out there, it's a nice price at $3.99, and the size of the pizza makes it a good buy for one person.